What flares n seagulls is all aboot.

So `The Mission`?

Actually, we dont have one. Not really. We’re just going to add stuff, not everything, no not at all, just stuff thats musically interesting to our wee band of contributors.

Can you define stuff?

Well, in a tree seed protector, its what music our contributors enjoy listening to really. Some stuff will be current, some not so. Interviews with the bands themselves, both local and not so local, with gig reviews from the people who matter most, the paying punter. Although anyone can submit a review and if we think is suitable then we’ll publish it onto fns.

Is there going to be a comprehensive local gig list on flares n seagulls?

No, thats covered far better elsewhere, quite often on the venues own websites and The Kiosque. This is just stuff we like and have an interest in, so we’ve listed some dates for your diaries, we being a few different people, so hopefully a nice mixed bag.

Is the site completed?

Far from it, and who knows how far it will actually get but hey, lets face it, its not the biggest deal in the world if it goes down face first into the ginormous puddle that is the interweb graveyard.

What makes fns different from any other music site?

We’re not trying to be better than anyone, what you see is what you get, and thats err it. There are a couple of things that we are a bit heavy on though… one, we’re happy to give local bands and artists plenty coverage and two, all our interviews and reviews are our own contributors, copyright of them and flares n seagulls if you like. All interviews are exclusive to fns. Most of the gig reviews will be done by people who are interested in the artist in the first place, you’d think that might make them biased but I’d also add that the opposite may occur is so much that if they’re below their usual standard on then night then the reviewer’d say so. Probably.

Whats next?

Ideally? Add more listings, previews, reviews, and a lot more info on the venues from people who actually use them. Folks like me and you. Oh, and a mailing list eventually, with updates and that.

Is that it?

Well, we’re going to try to source some interviews with the bands and artists as part of the previews section, as opposed to just copying and pasting information from whats already out there on the interweb. We won’t promise anything of course, but the inital signs are good.

Can I help?

Maybe. Having got this far we can assume you can read. The question is now can you also write? As in doing a gig review. It doesnt have to be journalistic quality, just write it as you see it. With hopefully a mention of a rough set list through it. A few photos would be nice too. *waves to Dod*

Would you like some feedback on the site?

Aye, go on then. Fill in the comments bit.


8 Responses to Mission

  1. Colin says:

    I like the sound of this. Good work.

  2. Ronay says:

    Impressed so far – must be to have saved to My Favourites already!! x

  3. Maria says:

    Awesome, will there be an RSS feed for new stuff added?

  4. DX says:

    I’m loving this website.
    long may it continue!
    peace, love and anarchy,

  5. Gram says:

    Well done, great site, great read.
    Keep up the good work !!

  6. Mark says:

    Nice site! Is there an email address to send listings to?

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