Episode #3

And all of a sudden 2016 kicks off for us on Saturday with our first event of the year at Downstairs, Aberdeen. Oh, and before we forget we wish you all a very happy new year. Anyway, back to the music…

We’ve seen Roman Nose a couple of times on our travels, last time was a late night, almost pitch dark session at Electric Fields. Its electronic, loud and atmospheric, the live show is where it’s at for this band from Glasgow who play Aberdeen for the first time.

With their excellent debut album (A Distorted Sigh) under their belt and the second already in the can we are also delighted to bring the unpredictable Garden of Elks to Aberdeen also for the first time. Last time I saw them guitarist and vocalist Niall had only a laptop (called Annie I think?) for company on stage. That was, until the crowd joined him. Also, check their video with the cool kids below.

Opening the evening however we have Godzilla Blues, a founding member of  this blogsite and his minimalist electronicy goodness. Explore his bandcamp page here.

Tickets for Episode #3 can be ordered here.

Episode #3 - Downstairs, Aberdeen

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