Episode #2

With Episode #1 under our belt, we are pleased to present Episode #2. This one is on Saturday the 21st of November at Downstairs. Two bands from Glasgow playing Aberdeen for the first time and our local representatives this time are Best Girl Athlete.

The Girobabies – First seen by us at this years Eden Festival and a late afternoon performance by vocalist Mark McGhee and his band left an impression that stayed. Hip hop, carry on, carry out, make of it what you will. The live show is where its at.

Laura St Jude – Laura first came to our notice joining her own band member Dale Barclay on stage with The Amazing Snakeheads when they sang The Bullfighter a year or so ago, since then we’ve seen them support Baby Strange and Tijuana Bibles on different occasions in Glasgow and been impressed both times. We feel there is much more to come from Laura and her band in the months ahead. See for yourself on Saturday.

Best Girl Athlete – Featuring local father and daughter duo Katie and Charley Buchan and performing with their band for the first time in a while in the city.

Double Barrel DJ’s. Keeping you entertained before, between and after the bands with an eclectic selection of tracks that will hopefully set the groove for the evening.

Entry is only £5 and advance tickets can be purchased here.

Doors 7.30pm.

flaresnseagulls - Episode #2

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