Skanking the night away

I (Still Burning) often cringe when I see charity events being advertised, its sometimes like someone is trying to tease your conscience to go along so I apologise to others who see this post and think the same way. This one is a wee bit different though, local ska-head Bill Malcolm is raising money for the Clan Cancer Support charity, having recently lost his mother-in-law to the wretched disease. Indeed the Sunday just past was three years to the day when I lost one of my own close buddies to cancer and having seen the deteriorating process that a victim goes through and the hurt that the eventual loss causes to friends and family I can fully understand the need for any sort of help at these heartbreaking times. Credit to BM for making this happen. *tilts trilby*


So, the gig… mod tribute band Target 5 kick-off the proceedings at 9pm followed by the skanking powerhouse that is aka-SKA who will make you DANCE the night away in a hot ‘n’ sweaty Cafe Drummonds. Button up Fred Perrys compulsory. £5 door tax.

Be there or be SQUARE.

Event Facebook Page

Clan Cancer Support


One response to “Skanking the night away

  1. Bill malcolm

    Thanks for this mate it means a lot to me and Tracey for your support

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